Phase One: Packing


I am so not a fan of packing.

But, alas, these past few days I’ve been slowly packing my life into cardboard boxes. My room has been a disaster for a week and now it looks so sad and empty. Everything is in the truck! We were so scared we wouldn’t have enough room for everything back there but thanks to my mother’s puzzle-ing skill, we were able to fit it allllll in. Now I just hope we can fit all this stuff in the apartment itself! ha. Won’t that be fun!

I think the only thing I dislike worse than packing is unpacking. Wooooo.

If it fits in a trunk, it will fit in an apartment, right? Right. I'm only one of 5 other people living there...

We are sure going to look like some classy folks on I-94 tomorrow. Watch out!

FOOD! I had to stockpile the non-perishables. Included in that mess is a 2lb bag of quinoa, a huuuuuge bag of brown rice, almonds, peanut butter, dark chocolate dreams, steel cut oats, oat bran, instant coffe, tea, the rest of my truvia packets, cacao nibs, protein powder, crystal light, olive oil, canned salmon and tuna, and a bunch of utensils.

I had intentions to photograph all my meals today and post them late tonight/tomorrow morning as a WIAW, but completely blanked on photo-ing my lunch soooooo that plan died. Here’s my b-fast anyways! T’was quite nummalicious.

Dannon plain greek yogurt with my mom’s homemade strawberry-rhubarb sauce mixed in, topped with fresh cherries and strawberries and a sprinkle of Quaker Corn Bran. Hungry?

What else is delicious in my life? Smoothies! We were out of spinach but I was craving a nice cold, fruity bev and was dying to finally try out my new xanthan gum so a smoothie was definitely in the works. It just wasn’t gonna be green. This one was berrylicious and awesome. The cherries gave it a deeper berry flavor than the usual tart, raspberry one I usually end up with.

Berry Cherry Smoothie + Protein
– 1/2 cup frozen berries (mine were raspberries, blackberries and marionberries)
– 6 pitted cherries
– 1/2 scoop vanilla soy protein powder
– 1 cup almond milk original
– 1/8 tsp. xanthan gum

Sooooo happy I bought xanthan gum finally. It made the smoothie so thick and creamy I felt like I was drinking a milkshake!

So for the rest of the day I’m planning on relaxing and soaking up my last hours of summer in MN. Sad, but exciting. I’m so ready to move into my apartment with my girls! Fun times ahead 🙂

Do you like packing/unpacking? Any tips you’ve learned over time?

Any advice for me as I move into my first apartment? … 😉


Baking Fail and Wrap Fever


I’m back. Phew, it feels good. I’ve slowly been lurking back in the community, reading your posts and commenting occasionally (311 unread blog posts on Bloglovin’ = overwhelming). But finally the blogging bug caught me again and I’m so excited to continue posting. I also need to keep face-lifting the page. It’s still a tad bland for my taste. Gotta give it some personality, hey!

post-haircut! Finally got those pesky split ends cut off. The lady screwed up my eyebrows though and now I have a chunk missing from my left one :(. Not cool.

So yesterday was my first free day. I’m done nannying for the summer since I’m making the move back to Madison next Wednesday. This summer has just flown by and I’m a little sad to leave home but I’m so excited to get back into the groove of things at school. See everyone again, begin apartment life (ah!), get back to work at the Union and maybe spend a little time on school work ;). I’m a little bit overwhelmed at the prospect of moving allllll my stuff down in one trip and getting everything organized in the apartment, but I just keep telling myself that it doesn’t all have to happen *snap* like that. Organizing will be a gradual thing. I just have to be patient, which is easier said than done. I’m pretty much one of the most impatient people ever. Add that to the list of personality traits that need work! (yes, I have a list.)

ANYWAYS, getting back to Thursday, I woke up with the itch to bake.

yes, these are baked.

This itch usually does not strike me. I’m much more of a stovetop, cooking, pinch of this, stir a bit, add some more flavor here and there kind of girl. Baking just doesn’t really turn me on, if you know what I mean. I’ve never been confident enough to be creative because usually my attempts at healthifying baked goods usually result in unappealing lumps. I’m so amazed and have SO much respect for all of you that are successful healthy bakers. It’s just not my niche and I’m 100% okay with that. Yay, cooking! :-p

After perusing many blogs’ recipe pages, I came across Tina’s Flourless Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies and was instantly intrigued. They looked SO yummy, and I thought I’d be sneaky and adjust the ingredients to be just a bittttt less indulgent. Instead of 1/4 cup of sugar, I used an 1/8 cup and a packet of truvia (stevia) sweetner. Instead of an egg, I used 2 egg whites. I added an 1/8 teaspoon of xanthan gum to the mix (I may or may not have been overly excited to use it having just purchased my first package at the grocery store…)

Baked ’em at 350 for 15 minutes. Result? They came out the same way they went in! Didn’t flatten at all. I laughed. At them and at myself. I let them cool for about a half an hour before trying one. It was crumbly. But tasty! The peanut butter taste is perfect and they are hardly too sweet. I crumbled one over my dessert of froyo, frozen berries and cacao nibs last night and it was absolutely NOM. I am definitely not done with this recipe — gotta figure out what will make ’em flatten and not be so darn crumbly.

Learning from our mistakes, right?

SO, on to the next topic. Something I’ve been loving lately for creativity and convenience’s sake: wraps! After going gluten free I very soon realized that I’d need to find a good substitute for sandwich bread. I know there are some good sandwich breads out there that are gluten-free, but I’ve yet to get my hands on any of them. The bread I have in my house right now, Food For Life’s Millet Bread, is much too dense for me to be a good sandwich bread. What I have found, however, are some wonderful gluten free wraps, made with whole grains from quinoa, brown rice and teff.

One of the main reasons I loveee to make wraps for myself is that I can be creative with whatever I stuff inside! There are so many flavor possibilities and food options to create a great, healthy wrap. And it’s much easier to stuff a wrap with a bunch of nutrition than it is two slices of bread. Some of my recent creations?

Apple-Raisin Wrap
– Tortilla
– Handful of spinach
– Half of a pink lady apple, diced into large cubes
– About a tbsp or two of raisins
– Drizzle of poppyseed vinaigrette dressing
– Turkey, chicken or chickpeas (optional; didn’t add them but would bump up the protein)

Rolled up nice and tightly and munched down like a burrito 🙂

ignore the chipped plate...

Southwestern Peach Wrap
– Tortilla
– Half of an avocado, mashed, and spread in middle of tortilla
– Handful of spinach
– 1/4 peach, sliced thinly
– Red onion to taste, sliced thinly (I like a lot)
– About 2 tbsp Salsa
– Black beans (optional; I didn’t add them but they would add a bit of protein)

Other ideas…

Spinach + Stir-fried veggies (pepper, broccoli, carrot, corn, zucchini, etc) and egg white
Romaine + Tomato + Red Onion and Caesar Dressing
Peanut Butter + Fresh Berries or Banana
Spring Greens + Pear + Swiss Cheese + Balsamic Vinegar
Spinach + Tuna + Red Onion + Celery + Tomato + Hummus or Vinaigrette dressing
Kale + baked sweet potato or pumpkin + honey or maple syrup + pumpkin seeds
Roasted Vegetables + Onion + Hummus
Spinach + Crumbled Veggie Burger + Mustard + Tomato + Pickle
Spring Greens + Salmon + Cucumber + Laughing Cow Light Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedge

The possibilities really are endless, and they provide a great option for any meal.

In other news, I just became a registered student member of the ADA (American Dietetics Association) and supplement member of the Behavioral Health Nutrition group! The BHN provides resources for Nutrition in the treatment of Eating Disorders, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Addictions, and Psychiatric Disorders. *squee* I was so excited when I found this website because that is EXACTLY what I want to do. Booyah.

Ultimately, since I want to become a Registered Dietitian, and the competition for the required internships is getting super intense, I thought becoming a member sooner rather than later would be a good thing to do. It provides lots of opportunities to network and gain experience as well as learn about news and advances in the field. Exciting!

I could go on and on about Dietetics, my hopes and dreams and all that jazz but that’s a whole other post so I’ll just leave it at that.

Well, the rest of today for me shall be spent organizing my very unorganized room and starting to get things packed for my move back to campus. Fun fun fun. Hope you guys have an awesome Fridayyy!

Baking Fails Anonymous: What was your craziest/funniest baking fail? 

What makes up your favorite wrap? Fruity or Savory? Lotsa veg or lotsa protein?

Would you be interested in a category of posts dedicated to my adventures in becoming an RD?

An Apology

Guys, I am sincerely sorry for another pathetic post.

Veg at the Raleigh Farmers Market

Editing all these photos turned out to be a major obstacle. I’m still not even close to being done. I’ve resorted to editing them with iPhoto, which I’m a little bit sad about because I wanted them to be a certain way — especially the wedding photos — for my family to keep.

Fresh Blueberries! So sweet and juicy, yummm!

Also, I’ve been going out of town every weekend for the past 3 weeks, and this weekend I’m off to Wisconsin for a Funeral. (My dad’s uncle who we saw almost every time we went to visit family died of old age. But he lived a long and wonderful life).

I really haven’t been thinking of photographing food or making recipes because I’ve stopped buying groceries, really. I’m moving back to Madison in 2 weeks and until then I’m fine using whatever food is around the house from my parents’ trips to the store. Maybe I’ll be back with a few update posts before school starts but I am here telling you that this might be a little break.

I’m excited for the time when I have MORE time to devote to this blog, but I just don’t want to half-ass it and I honestly don’t have enough at the moment.

Until next time,
Eat sweetly!


Hello! I’m alive. I made it back from North Carolina with a ton of pictures I have yet to sort through and edit. Once I get that done, I’ll have time for a better blog post. Just thought I’d say hi and make sure you guys don’t forget about me 😉

Struggle of the day = attempting to re-download the 30 day trial of Photoshop on my computer using a different email. It must have a computer tracking thing attached to it because it outsmarted my sneakiness and said I’d used up my trial after I tried opening it. Boo!

I’ll have to use the photoshop at MCAD for now that I still have access to the computers there… when that ends I might just have to buckle down and make the purchase. YIPES. I’ve turned really thrifty, I’ve noticed. The idea of shelling out for anything other than food makes me feel yucky. Thankfully my school offers some good discounts on the software–but still–I don’t like the idea of paying big bucks for a computer program. Grumble. (#grandma)

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with a catch-up post! See you then bloggerinas!

Friday Funday

Heyya bloggy boos — I have a super random post for you today, because I’m in the middle of packing for Raleigh, North Carolina! My family and I are leaving this afternoon to fly east for my half sister’s wedding! I’m so excited. I’ve never been to NC before and I love the East Coast. It’s going to be freaking hot, though, so I’m trying to mentally prepare for that madness again.

If any of you are from or have lived in Raleigh, let me know good places to eat and see!! We’re still planning out our adventures and I’d love to know any insider info 🙂

I’m bringing my DSLR so hopefully that will motivate me to take a bunch of pictures! Sometimes I suck at being a blogger and fail to take pictures of fantastic happenings in my life. Not this time! (I hope 🙂 )

So, in the name of randomness, here’s a survey that Tori came up with and I’ve been wanting to fill out! A bunch of this-or-that type questions that I thought were pretty interesting! Feel free to fill it out for yourself, too!

Yogurt Bowl: Plain greek yogurt, peaches, cherries and almonds

[A] Apples or oranges: Apples! Probably my favorite, year-round fruit. I live for the fall when Honeycrisps are plentiful. To me, there’s not a better snack than a crisp, sweet apple with cheese or nut butter. Absolutely delicious.

[B] Beans or lentils: Lentils are great nutritionally (protein and fiber! woo!) but I have to go with beans on this one. They are so much more versatile and I love me some southwestern grub. Black bean salsa = win.

[C] Cereal or oatmeal: Tough choice! I’ve always been a cereal girl — since I was a wee youngin’. Only recently have I gotten into oatmeal. I think I’ll have to go with cereal. As you guys have probably noticed if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I love to pile on the fruit, and recently, peanut butter. Cereal to me is just as satisfying as oatmeal. I bet if I took this survey in December, oatmeal would have been my answer. I like my oats HOT.

[D] Dates or raisins: I really haven’t had dates too much, but I do like figs. Are they similar? I dunno! I’ll have to try them soon. Since I haven’t seen dates really I’m going to go with raisins on this one, though craisins are my all time fave.

[E] Eggs or milk: Hmmm. I’m going to go with eggs, just because they are more versatile. Quick protein in many forms!

[F] French toast or waffles: Waffles! Again, because of the creativity they allow! There’s only so much you can do with French Toast… (hmmm maybe I’m wrong, maybe I need to be more creative with french toast!) but I love brainstorming different flavor combos to make with waffles. Plus, I love that you can tailor the batter to be hearty or fluffy, gluten free or not, vegan or not.

[G] Garlic or salt: Garlic!! I’m a garlic fiend.

[H] Honey or maple syrup: Honey. I’m not really a maple syrup eater unless I’m really in the mood. I don’t have either very often, though, but if I do, it’s usually honey.

[I] Ice cream or frozen yogurt: Froyooo. I think it’s creamier and less saturated fat is always a good thing.

[J] Jam or toast: Hmmm, how about jam ON my toast? 😛 Just kiddin’. definitely toast. I can live without jam.

[K] Kale or spinach: Spinach! If you haven’t noticed, it’s my go-to green. (probably because it comes in bulk at costco, but I digress)

[L] Lemon or lime: Lime lime lime. I lovveee the flavor of lime. Reminds me of tangy salsa or guacamole.

[M] Muffins or cupcakes: Muffins! I’m really not too much of a cake fan. I like how muffins are denser and less sweet, and all the different nutritious options you can add into them. Cupcakes are… cake. Haha.

[N] Nut butter or jelly: Nut butter!! Oh my gosh, nut butter.

[O] Onions or peppers: I like peppers WITH onions! haha. I don’t know, this is tough. I think I’m going to say onions, because I think they make any vegetable taste better.

[P] Peanuts or almonds: Almonds fo sho. I love the flavor of raw almonds.

[Q] Quick or yeast bread: To make? quick bread. To eat? yeast bread.

[R] Raspberry or blackberry: Raspberry. Omyomyom

[S] Sweet or savory: I definitely LOVE both. But I have more of a sweet-tooth over all, but it depends on the day. Most days I’ll reach for fruit before vegetables but some days all I want is a savory dish of just veg.

[T] Tea or coffee: Tea! I am in love with coffee, too, (mostly for waking me up!) but if I had to choose just one I’d go with tea. There are so many different kinds for so many different moods. During the winter I drink probably a cup a day of the stuff. Tea addicts anonymous.

[U] Udon or spaghetti noodles: Never had Udon noodles (or if I have, I can’t remember!) so I’m going to go with spaghetti noodles though spaghetti is not my favorite pasta.

[V] Vanilla or chocolate: Believe it or not, I’m not a huge chocolate fan. I like vanilla flavored things a lot more! I am a strange child, I know 😛

[W] Whole wheat or white bread: Whole wheat. (gluten free whole grain now, lol, sadface) But white bread disgusts me now. Bread that you can roll up into a little ball? Gross!

[X] Xanthan or guar gum: I’ve never tried either! Blogger fail.

[Y] Yogurt or pudding: Yogurt fo sho. I like tapioca pudding but that’s about it.

[Z] Zucchini or cucumber: Zucchini! I used to HATE it, but now I find it de-licious roasted or broiled and especially good in colder months. Cucumbers are refreshing, but I just find them a little bland in the flavor department.

Creamy GF Pasta Salad on bed of Spinach, topped with avocado, fresh pepper, tomatoes, feta and kalamata olives

Tata, my darlings, I will be back on Monday 🙂

My New Favorite (Warm Weather) Breakfast


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As far as breakfast goes, I’m much more of a sweet, carby girl than a savory girl. Toast, bananas, fruit, cereal, granola, yogurt… yummy! Every now and then I crave an egg or an omelette or some type of quiche, but the majority of mornings I wake up craving carbs and fruit.

Since I’ve gone gluten free, PB and Banana toast has kind of gone M.I.A from my morning breakfast until I can find a good toast replacement. I’ve been making this breakfast for a while now and I’ve fallen in love with it. Made with GF cereal, it doesn’t upset my tummy, but it could really be made with ANY cereal you want, gluten free or not. The addition of protein powder keeps me satisfied for hours and the bananas and other fruit additions make my early-morning sweet tooth happy. The best part of this cereal bowl? PEANUT BUTTER. I never would have imagined adding peanut butter to my cereal but the salty-sweet combo makes it ridiculously good.

This bowl was inspired by Gabriela’s protein cereal bowl, but since I found her recipe I’ve made it my own. I’m ready to share it with you guys, since it’s practically all I’ve been eating for breakfast lately!

Vanilla Peanut Butter Protein Cereal Bowl


  • 1 cup Mesa Sunrise cereal (my favorite gluten free option; feel free to use your favorite!)
  • 1 heaping teaspoon natural peanut butter (the drippier it is, the easier it is to stir in)
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla soy protein powder (I use a generic brand)
  • 1 Tbsp ground flax
  • 1 sliced banana
  • almond milk
The variations of this cereal bowl are endless. Add whatever fruit you like (I love adding fresh berries, peaches, cherries etc.), different flavors of protein powder, and different nut butters.
This breakfast is great because it’s super easy to bring together and keeps me satisfied for a longgggg time. Perfect for my morning nannying shifts so I’m not tempted to eat the junk the kids do 😉

Get Sweaty


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This. Heat. Is. Killer.

The humidity is seriously equal to that of the Amazon.

I pretty much suffocate reading out on my porch if I’m out there for more than a half an hour. Can this please stop? I’d like to spend my summer outside if I can. Thanks, mother nature!

Thanks to the sweltering heat, I was resigned to another indoor workout on the Octane elliptical. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the machine (I especially like it during the winter), I’d just much rather get my exercise done outside during the months that I can. Hopefully soon this heat and humidity will return to normal and I can run outside without worrying about possible fainting or dying. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I have good news, though!! So far the whole no gluten thing is going wonderfully! I haven’t had any of my digestive issues for the past two days. The only bummer to this situation is the fact that this diet change doesn’t let me have any of the hearty, nutty, whole grain bread that I love so much. Frown. I experimented with Food For Life’s Millet Bread today at lunch and, while it was good, the small, dense slices didn’t quite fill my heart with as much joy as a slice of whole grain does. Oh well, win some lose some I guess.

Mise en Place, starring *drumroll* Millet Bread! The new star.

The sandwich, stacked. Inspired by a French favorite, the Croque Madame, which is basically a grilled cheese with an egg on top

Kind of fell apart the minute I took it off the skillet. The messier the better!

Yay for successful lunch endeavors! I was craving a grilled cheese sandwich with an egg on top, but instead of frying an egg and laying it on the sandwich, I doused the bread in an egg white before placing it on the frying pan. Inside the sandwich I sliced a light Laughing Cow wedge into thin strips, put two slices of tomato, a bit of avocado and some spinach. This turned out really excellent and took care of my gooey-cheese craving like THAT. Pink Lady apple on the side to take care of my sweet tooth 🙂

Smoothie in a Mug! (like my san fran mug? ;))

I whipped up something different in my blender today. Instead of sticking with my normally fruity green monster, I decided to make something chocolatey. I’ve never done this before! I know, right? Who am I? But nevertheless, I decided that today was the day I was finally going to create a healthy chocolate shake.

Ingredients (all measurements are approximate)

  • 1 cup ice
  • handful of spinach
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla Soy protein powder
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 Tbsp Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter
  • 1/2 Large Banana
It was freaking good. Making this again, pronto (pups).

I’ve been a little bit freeeakin out about living out my gluten free-ness this year at school, the more I think about it. It’s going to be so hard to go out with friends and stay away from gluten completely. Or even share my kitchen with 5 other girls who are completely fine cooking pasta, eating bread and generic cereals all the time. AH. I’m not prepared for dis. I keep going back to the fact that I know I don’t have a gluten allergy. My body just does not like digesting it. And I was able to cope with it. But I feel SO much better without it. But I love the foods that contain it (pasta, bagels, whole wheat bread…!!) How far can I go with this? How flexible/strict should I be? I’m going to have to think about that one. Try a few days where I include a bit or wheat here and there and see how my body responds. All of these experiments are sure making for an exciting summer (doesn’t it just sound absolutely enthralling?)

Dessert? Yes please!

Purrrfect for a hot hot day, I made myself one of these beauties for a sweet treat after dinner. You can’t see it, but hiding under all those frozen berries is half a banana, sliced lengthwise (like a banana split), holding a bit of Stoneyfield vanilla fro-yo. Coco nibs sprinkled on top = heaven. This is probably my most-made summer dessert. It really hits the spot, and isn’t altogether too unhealthy.

What is your favorite way to beat the heat?

Which one wins for you? Fruity or Chocolatey smoothies?

Goodbye Gluten: Day One!


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Well, today marks the first day in my experiment of removing gluten from my diet. So far so good. I didn’t experience as much discomfort as I have been, though I was a little sad that it didn’t all immediately go away. Around 2pm as usual my stomach began to feel cramped and I felt bloated and uncomfortable — like I constantly had to burp but couldn’t (FUN!). It wasn’t as bad or as noticeable as it has been which I took as a good sign but I’m hoping that as I continue to eat foods that don’t contain any gluten my digestive issues will go away for good. We’ll see!

I talked to my parents about getting tested for gluten intolerance by my doctor but since we don’t have insurance any more, visits to the doctor have been forced to become as minimal as possible. We decided that if removing gluten takes care of the issue but I still want to get legitimately tested I’ll just have to reinstitute gluten for a bit to take the test. If it doesn’t make a difference, I’ll probably see my doctor just to see what the eff is UP with my intestines!

Luckily, my mesa sunrise cereal is gluten free so I decided to stick with my normal protein cereal (cereal plus about a tablespoon of peanut butter and half a scoop of vanilla soy protein powder stirred in). Without any fresh berries in da fridge I sliced up a banana on top. Simple and delish.  After I finished it, I realized I was missing my berries. We have some frozen berries on hand so I tossed a bunch of those in a bowl and let them thaw outside in this massive heat wave we’ve got going on right now. 85 degrees at 8 AM? Holy JEEZ. Good for thawing frozen berries, I suppose!

From this

To this! juicy berry goodness

For lunch I decided to whip up a vegetable salad (Spinach, cherry tomatoes, carrot, snap peas, hard boiled egg, green olive and feta). Nothing too fancy and I really wasn’t too into the flavors as I was eating it. I ended up leaving about 1/5 of it in the bowl and munched on my Pink Lady instead. I was really looking for sweetness and the salad wasn’t cutting it.

Fresh cherries!! Yes. I love cherry season and it’s finally here! A cute kellogs cereal bowl (one of my childhood favorites) made an appearance since all of our others seemed to be dirty.

I forgot to snap a photo of my dinner because I was ravenous when I got home from church around 6. On my plate was a grilled tilapia filet next to this salad: Red Pepper and Peach Quinoa salad on a bed of spinach. Yum in my tum!

Agenda for tonight is simple: Relax, wash the dishes (urgs ma gurgs) and watch HP7 part ONE with maman since we made plans to see it in theaters on Wednesday. First time for her, second time for me. Love it. I was totally in tears for the majority of that movie and I normally never cry during films!

What was your favorite thing you ate/did this weekend!?

Another LATE WIAW!


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Still better late than never, right? … alright, I’m really going to have to whip my procrastinating butt into shape here and get. on. track.

Without further ado, here are my eats from Wednesdayyy

Breakfast! Protein Mesa Sunrise with PB, Strawbs and Banana

Lunch! Stir-fried veggies and Greens on a Whole Wheat Tortilla with Part Skim Mozz sprinkled on top

Snnnack! Trail Mix (kashi golean, chocolate chips, craisins, almonds and dried mango)

Dinna! Nature’s Path waffle with an egg on top + maple syrup and a Berry Protein Green Monster

Berry Protein Green Monster

  • Handful of spinach
  • 1/2 cup soy protein powder
  • 1 banana
  • lots of frozen berries
  • 1/2 cup milk
Here’s a little bonus pic of something I came up with for lunch today, taking advantage of the fresh peaches we have laying around now (yay for peach season, finally!!) Diced peach, Spinach and Laughing Cow Blue Cheese wedge on a warmed Whole Wheat Tortilla. T’was GOOD!
I hope your thursdays are going fantastically! I’m just about to leave to get ready for the Harry Potter premiere tonight!! I’m wearing my Dumbledore’s Army shirt and couldn’t be more excited!
Are you going to Harry Potter tonight at midnight?
What was the best thing you ate recently? Anything surprisingly good?

Tummy Aches and Appetite Changes

Nothing TOO exciting has happened in the last four days except trying to breeze through the Harry Potter books (I’m almost done with the 5th one!!) before the movie on Thursday night! But I do have a few things worth writing about.

For the past few weeks, my stomach and abdominal area has felt bloated, cramped and altogether not-so-nice. I used to feel like this a lot during high school but never really had the problem resolved. I think I decided to attribute it to stress since it eventually went away without any major changes to my diet. But now that I’ve started to feel like this again and it has stuck around for a while now I’m thinking it might have something to do with what I’m eating.

Have any of you experienced things like this that got better after removing gluten from your diet? I’ve read of lots of people saying that going gluten free cleared a lot up in this area of their life and I’m really tempted to see if it solves any of my digestive probs. I don’t really know where I’d start, though. I kind of hope these things clear up eventually — who knows, maybe it IS just stress. 

My appetite has also been really off lately. It’s starting to get kind of annoying, actually. I find myself craving foods I know are not going to be good for me, if I crave anything at all. For some reason, the more I think about the fact that I should be hungry, the more I feel like I eat too much, to appease my worried mind. So I feel like I’m eating more than I need. Ugh. Anyways, some random eats from the past few daysss:

Greek Salad with Cavatappi Pasta



Shrimp Fajita wrap with Snap Peas and Hummus. Ended up not having enough of an appetite for the peas and hummus. 

So, later today I’m going back over to the family’s house I nanny for and babysit the kids of a few extra hours so their mom can go to a meeting. After that I don’t really know what I’m going to do except try and finish the 5th HP so I can FINALLY read the sixth one and hopefully get through the seventh one by thursday night… ahh I can dream I suppose. It’s going to be a long exciting night!