Hello lovelies!

I’m taking a quick(ish) study break to postypost. So, it’s the homestretch here in Madtown. Countdowns abound. One week until Christmas, 4 days until I’m done with finals, 4 days until I’m home, Two weeks until 2012. Dat shi cray.

I’ve been studying my booty off these past few weeks. Honestly, I’m exhausted. I’m SO looking forward to this winter break just to be free of the responsibility of studying for classes.

As I look back on this semester, I guess I didn’t really hate any of my classes. They were all pretty tolerable. Just a lot of work. I do feel like I learned a lot though. Ain’t that special? The world is a better place now that I know the mechanism of Acyl-Chloride formation and the reduction of carbonyls. Not too mention I can consult a business pretty damn well on their organizational structure and operation. Oh, and I can definitely look at a plate of bacteria cultures, run a few tests, and differentiate streptomyces from klebsiella.  I also learned the wonders of journalistic communication, which hopefully stay with me forever. Classes are a ton of work in the mean time, but the only way I’m able to stick with them is just knowing how much I’m building myself just being here. In small ways, yes, but getting stronger and smarter every second. (I hope!)

Another side-effect of finals week running right up into the week of Christmas? CHRISTMAS COOKIE NATION. I kid you not, throughout the past week we probably had close to 100 cookies pass through our apartment. And they keep coming. Thank you parentals, but please, I don’t want to be sugar-ed out before I even go home for the holidays! In the mean time, though, I think I’ll just snag one of those gingerbread studs over here and nibble on his feet. Yumyum.

I haven’t cooked myself a meal in what feels like forever. Spaghetti squash is on the menu tonight, along with a can of fire-roasted garlic and basil tomatoes. We’ll see how this experiment goes! It’s just dawning on me now that I definitely should have picked up some spinach (is it just me that always pronounces spinach spin-ACH while typing it out? ha, probably.) too.

Well, I better keep practicing my mechanisms. I know you are jealous.

Savior youtube channel that if you are a college student should definitely access daily: http://www.youtube.com/user/khanacademy