So I’ve got just enough time here to do an eenie-weenie post/update!

Later this afternoon I’ve got an interview at a hospital near campus! Woo! The position is in the food service department and involves both preparing meals, serving meals, and cleaning dishes. It is only 8 hours a week, so I’m hoping that IF I get this job, I’ll also be able to work a few hours at the campus job I hold right now. AHH We’ll see.

Part of me doesn’t know why the hell I’m applying for this job when I’m already stressed out of my mind. But then I remind myself that I neeeed this hospital experience. I do need to toss something off my plate though. I’m feeling rather stretched beyond my abilities. Man oh man. I’m going to give it a few weeks and see if my workload becomes more manageable, but I think I’m going to either have to give up this blog for a bit or give up one of my organizations. There just is not enough time in the day!

It’s been so hard to get adjusted to grocery shopping for myself. Way harder than I anticipated. For some reason, I just don’t seem to have enough funds to cover my grocery supplies as I thought. At home, I bought most of my stuff, but I usually didn’t have to buy the staple produce, spices, oils, baking stuff, utensils, etc. I’m trying to push myself to wait until Saturday to do my next grocery run, but produce is running lowwww and this girl needs her produce to get through the day.

Alright, so that was my eenie meenie update. I’m really trying to come up with some good posts for this blog but the time to post them just isn’t really there right now. Wish me luck, bloggie boos, that I can stick around for a while! (Oh, and wish me luck on my interview, too πŸ˜‰ )

Happy Wednesday!!