Ooofta. Officially one week in to living the apartment life and I’m loving it. We still have a whole lot of cleaning to do, though, and I have yet to do my first load of laundry. Ha!

Guess who has brown hair now? This girl! It still feels so weird. I can’t find myself in pictures. Ahh.

I did manage to snap a few photos of the semi-clean parts of the place. So here they are.

My side of the bedroom. Do not be deceived, this is the most uncomfortable mattress in the world

The girlie nook

The bathroom I share with two of my roommates!

The trio of OralBs

The food/toilet paper/everything closet. Guess which bucket is mine?

Guys. I am so lucky. My university has a club that hands out fresh FREE produce every Friday. I’m in love. Last Friday I got myself some free kale, swiss chard, basil, purslane, red potatoes, summer squash, cucumber, carrots and sweet pepper. REDIC.

Unfortunately I forgot to go this Friday so I had to stop by the grocery store (again! this is getting insane) for some lettuce and broccoli slawwww.

Quinoa messes and salad beasts are becoming my meals of choice. They are so easy to prepare, basically tossing everything in a sautee pan of coconut oil and hoping everything cooks up. I’m loving all this produce. Yay for healthifying the roomies 😉

Protein Cereal bowls are my ultimate breakfast craving lately. Especially now that I have some drippy PB again. Yum. Nothing betta.

In this quinoa mess I believe is summer squash, onion, raisins and avocado.

Cooked salad beasty! Gorgeous Swiss Chard sauteed with Cooked purple and orange carrots, black beans, onion and Cajun seasoning.

Haha, once our kitchen and living room are a bit more “presentable” I will take some pictures. Or maybe even get some blog action going on. But honestly, right now it’s just one big party. School starts THIS Friday! What?!