Guys, I am sincerely sorry for another pathetic post.

Veg at the Raleigh Farmers Market

Editing all these photos turned out to be a major obstacle. I’m still not even close to being done. I’ve resorted to editing them with iPhoto, which I’m a little bit sad about because I wanted them to be a certain way — especially the wedding photos — for my family to keep.

Fresh Blueberries! So sweet and juicy, yummm!

Also, I’ve been going out of town every weekend for the past 3 weeks, and this weekend I’m off to Wisconsin for a Funeral. (My dad’s uncle who we saw almost every time we went to visit family died of old age. But he lived a long and wonderful life).

I really haven’t been thinking of photographing food or making recipes because I’ve stopped buying groceries, really. I’m moving back to Madison in 2 weeks and until then I’m fine using whatever food is around the house from my parents’ trips to the store. Maybe I’ll be back with a few update posts before school starts but I am here telling you that this might be a little break.

I’m excited for the time when I have MORE time to devote to this blog, but I just don’t want to half-ass it and I honestly don’t have enough at the moment.

Until next time,
Eat sweetly!