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Well, today marks the first day in my experiment of removing gluten from my diet. So far so good. I didn’t experience as much discomfort as I have been, though I was a little sad that it didn’t all immediately go away. Around 2pm as usual my stomach began to feel cramped and I felt bloated and uncomfortable — like I constantly had to burp but couldn’t (FUN!). It wasn’t as bad or as noticeable as it has been which I took as a good sign but I’m hoping that as I continue to eat foods that don’t contain any gluten my digestive issues will go away for good. We’ll see!

I talked to my parents about getting tested for gluten intolerance by my doctor but since we don’t have insurance any more, visits to the doctor have been forced to become as minimal as possible. We decided that if removing gluten takes care of the issue but I still want to get legitimately tested I’ll just have to reinstitute gluten for a bit to take the test. If it doesn’t make a difference, I’ll probably see my doctor just to see what the eff is UP with my intestines!

Luckily, my mesa sunrise cereal is gluten free so I decided to stick with my normal protein cereal (cereal plus about a tablespoon of peanut butter and half a scoop of vanilla soy protein powder stirred in). Without any fresh berries in da fridge I sliced up a banana on top. Simple and delish.  After I finished it, I realized I was missing my berries. We have some frozen berries on hand so I tossed a bunch of those in a bowl and let them thaw outside in this massive heat wave we’ve got going on right now. 85 degrees at 8 AM? Holy JEEZ. Good for thawing frozen berries, I suppose!

From this

To this! juicy berry goodness

For lunch I decided to whip up a vegetable salad (Spinach, cherry tomatoes, carrot, snap peas, hard boiled egg, green olive and feta). Nothing too fancy and I really wasn’t too into the flavors as I was eating it. I ended up leaving about 1/5 of it in the bowl and munched on my Pink Lady instead. I was really looking for sweetness and the salad wasn’t cutting it.

Fresh cherries!! Yes. I love cherry season and it’s finally here! A cute kellogs cereal bowl (one of my childhood favorites) made an appearance since all of our others seemed to be dirty.

I forgot to snap a photo of my dinner because I was ravenous when I got home from church around 6. On my plate was a grilled tilapia filet next to this salad: Red Pepper and Peach Quinoa salad on a bed of spinach. Yum in my tum!

Agenda for tonight is simple: Relax, wash the dishes (urgs ma gurgs) and watch HP7 part ONE with maman since we made plans to see it in theaters on Wednesday. First time for her, second time for me. Love it. I was totally in tears for the majority of that movie and I normally never cry during films!

What was your favorite thing you ate/did this weekend!?