Nothing TOO exciting has happened in the last four days except trying to breeze through the Harry Potter books (I’m almost done with the 5th one!!) before the movie on Thursday night! But I do have a few things worth writing about.

For the past few weeks, my stomach and abdominal area has felt bloated, cramped and altogether not-so-nice. I used to feel like this a lot during high school but never really had the problem resolved. I think I decided to attribute it to stress since it eventually went away without any major changes to my diet. But now that I’ve started to feel like this again and it has stuck around for a while now I’m thinking it might have something to do with what I’m eating.

Have any of you experienced things like this that got better after removing gluten from your diet? I’ve read of lots of people saying that going gluten free cleared a lot up in this area of their life and I’m really tempted to see if it solves any of my digestive probs. I don’t really know where I’d start, though. I kind of hope these things clear up eventually — who knows, maybe it IS just stress.Ā 

My appetite has also been really off lately. It’s starting to get kind of annoying, actually. I find myself craving foods I know are not going to be good for me, if I crave anything at all. For some reason, the more I think about the fact that I should be hungry, the more I feel like I eat too much, to appease my worried mind. So I feel like I’m eating more than I need. Ugh. Anyways, some random eats from the past few daysss:

Greek Salad with Cavatappi Pasta



Shrimp Fajita wrap with Snap Peas and Hummus. Ended up not having enough of an appetite for the peas and hummus.Ā 

So, later today I’m going back over to the family’s house I nanny for and babysit the kids of a few extra hours so their mom can go to a meeting. After that I don’t really know what I’m going to do except try and finish the 5th HP so I can FINALLY read the sixth one and hopefully get through the seventh one by thursday night… ahh I can dream I suppose. It’s going to be a long exciting night!