Heyyo bloggieboos.

I’m moving to tumblr. At this point, maintaining this blog is just not happening. As much as I want it to, my academic and other life priorities seem to always take the biggest slice of the pie. I’ve been active with Tumblr for quite a while and just decided to make that my blogging style of choice. It’s easy and accessible. Eventually, I will get a big-girl blog like this one and actually maintain it, but until that day, enjoy the endless scroll and peek into my mind. I post some random shizz on dis beetch.


See you in Tumblr land, boos!


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Finals Shminals

Hello lovelies!

I’m taking a quick(ish) study break to postypost. So, it’s the homestretch here in Madtown. Countdowns abound. One week until Christmas, 4 days until I’m done with finals, 4 days until I’m home, Two weeks until 2012. Dat shi cray.

I’ve been studying my booty off these past few weeks. Honestly, I’m exhausted. I’m SO looking forward to this winter break just to be free of the responsibility of studying for classes.

As I look back on this semester, I guess I didn’t really hate any of my classes. They were all pretty tolerable. Just a lot of work. I do feel like I learned a lot though. Ain’t that special? The world is a better place now that I know the mechanism of Acyl-Chloride formation and the reduction of carbonyls. Not too mention I can consult a business pretty damn well on their organizational structure and operation. Oh, and I can definitely look at a plate of bacteria cultures, run a few tests, and differentiate streptomyces from klebsiella.  I also learned the wonders of journalistic communication, which hopefully stay with me forever. Classes are a ton of work in the mean time, but the only way I’m able to stick with them is just knowing how much I’m building myself just being here. In small ways, yes, but getting stronger and smarter every second. (I hope!)

Another side-effect of finals week running right up into the week of Christmas? CHRISTMAS COOKIE NATION. I kid you not, throughout the past week we probably had close to 100 cookies pass through our apartment. And they keep coming. Thank you parentals, but please, I don’t want to be sugar-ed out before I even go home for the holidays! In the mean time, though, I think I’ll just snag one of those gingerbread studs over here and nibble on his feet. Yumyum.

I haven’t cooked myself a meal in what feels like forever. Spaghetti squash is on the menu tonight, along with a can of fire-roasted garlic and basil tomatoes. We’ll see how this experiment goes! It’s just dawning on me now that I definitely should have picked up some spinach (is it just me that always pronounces spinach spin-ACH while typing it out? ha, probably.) too.

Well, I better keep practicing my mechanisms. I know you are jealous.

Savior youtube channel that if you are a college student should definitely access daily: http://www.youtube.com/user/khanacademy


A Slice of Thanksgiving

Started the morning off right with a batch of whole-wheat pumpkin scones. Num num.

The beginnings of the stuffing. Celery, mushroom and onion.


a well-visited cabinet

I actually had some turkey this year!

My handy-work, table pre-feast

Cranberry sauce

The spread.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Bleu Cheese and Pecans. MY FAVORITE.

Wild Rice Stuffing

My contribution: Autumn salad with Romaine, pear, pecans, dried cranberries, feta and poppyseed dressing

The bro's Green Bean Casserole

And of course rolls and sparkling wine!

Traditional Pumpkin Pie. A given.

Pie and Egg-nog spiked coffee. A perfect ending.

What is your favorite dish on Thanksgiving?

Any traditions you shared with your family this year?

Little Miracles, Be Thankful



Happy Thanksgiving!

I love this holiday. It’s so nice to step back from the daily hassle and think about the truly important things. The holiday season, really, is wonderful for this reason. It can be easy to get wrapped up in all the gift-buying and stress of planning events, but it’s so important not to — to remember to be thankful for the wonderful blessings we all have been given and enjoy them.

This year, our family’s thanksgiving is even more special. My grandma passed away yesterday. She was 88 and went in her sleep, peacefully. She had been suffering from Alzheimers and lived in a memory care facility on her own. We knew her days were winding down as she contracted her 4th bladder infection this year. The ones she’d been getting were extremely painful and strong — she needed intense antibiotics to treat them. My mom’s sisters and brothers (all 11 of them!) decided that this time they weren’t going to treat the infection with antibiotics. They were going to make my grandma as comfortable as possible and let God take her home when she was ready to leave us.

The amazing thing, out of all of this, is that my mom and I were able to see her exactly 24 hours before she passed away. Right when my bus pulled in to Minneapolis, we got on the road to St. Cloud to visit her and say our goodbyes. She was sleeping the entire time and seemed very much at peace. It was shocking, though, to see her like that. It’s not how I remembered my grandma, at all. The more I sat there with here, though, the more at-peace I became with the fact that she’d be leaving soon. She lived a long, amazing life, working as a nurse during WWII, giving birth to and raising TWELVE kids, caring for and loving 23 grandkids, gardening, pickling, sewing, crocheting, quilting — she was always working on something. It was easy to get lost in her sewing room.

I just wish I was able to know more of the amazing woman she was. She was almost 70 years old when I was born and had lived such a rich life before I even knew her. I’ll always remember her warm hugs that smelled like roses.

Still, all of this really makes me thankful for my grandma. For how loving and supportive she was of my mom and all her other children. I’m SO thankful for the last day God gave her that let me see her one last time. So thankful for my family that knew how to handle her passing gracefully, to support one another and grieve with each other. So thankful for LIFE and the wonderful opportunities it provides. Every second is a miracle and I appreciate that fact even more this year.

Have an absolutely wonderful thanksgiving, everyone. Spend time with your loved ones, think about everything you take for granted and simply be humble, be thankful, and enjoy the day.

Eat lots and lots of delicious food, too, of course!

Enjoy this amazing rendition of the song Wayfaring Stranger by Ed Sheeran. It’s amazing and beautiful. This kid is so talented!

Remember Me?


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Wow, this might be a wordy post.

Let me just say that I’ve missed blogging SO much. It’s been weird without an outlet or a hobby for me to let my thoughts loose. I’ve kind of maybe been going a little crazy. Hehehehehe. Wait, who said crazy?!

Home-made pizza! Corn Tortillas topped with spicy red pepper hummus, laughing cow cheese, marinara sauce (from a jar, yes), spinach, mini bell-peppers, red onion, and garlic

No, but really, I need to start blogging again. This may not even be so much of a food blog anymore (because really, how inspiring can you be in a tiny kitchen shared with 5 others living on a budget of about 50 bucks a month on food?) but more of a space for me just to WRITE and hash out my thoughts. I know, use a diary, right? But I’ve never been able to keep a diary. Sure, it’s fun to write in during really trying times (and fun to read again a year later) but I can’t keep them up. It’s too much work. Sad, right? I just hate to leave this blog when it’s something I like to do so much. So — long story short, I’m back! And you’re gonna get a whole mouthful of my life coming up these next months. Get ready 😉

Ultimate college girl comfort food: Amy's Gluten Free Mac n Cheese with Edamame on a bed of spinach.

So what have I been up to?

Studying, sleeping, laughing, jamming, working, planning, studying, celebrating… studying. It’s been a pretty basic semester, one that I can’t wait to be done with. The combination of O-Chem with a massive group project, stats homework (that I have to do today, shoot!) and a journalism class is nothing short of hard work. But I’m not complaining. I DO like school. It’s taken a while for me to find a balance between the school work, working at the hospital, planning events for the Dietetics/Nutrition club, getting enough sleep, and still having a social life, but I think I’m getting there! Organizing is key. Seriously. And getting stuff done RIGHT when you think about it. Procrastination no more in this chica’s life, nuh-uh.

If I’ve learned anything new and important this year it’s not to stress out about the future because there is so much that we cannot control. Things change faster than you can even notice and nothing is worth regretting. We’ll end up where we’re meant to be, somehow, and it’s best to embrace each day as its own special event. Even the bad ones. Every day we grow in some way and are being prepared for our future lives and we don’t even realize it. I think that’s pretty magical. Living without control, in the very grand sense, scares me a little, but mostly it makes me calm. No need to worry. No need to fear. Just keep breathing, seeing, listening, and doing what feels right. Just a bit of philosophy to start the day 🙂

Right now, as I write this, I’m sitting on my favorite couch in my house, home for Thanksgiving break. It feels so nice to be back home, again, and just get away from the constant go-go-go of being at school. This Thanksgiving will be a different one, though, but that’s another post.

Today will be spent cooking some of the feast for tomorrow with mom, seeing Breaking Dawn (for the second time!) with mom, picking up the brother from school, and doing who-knows-what with the family tonight. I can’t wait to soak it all in.

I can promise you another post soon. Until then, have an amazing Wednesday!



Long time no see, bloggerinos.

I’ve just been so busy recently (I know, it’s what everyone says), but honestly these days its getting a little hard for me to handle. After one too many breakdowns, I realized I need to lift the stress of maintaining this blog off of my shoulders for a while.

I really do enjoy blogging. It’s such a fun outlet and a great place to meet and talk with people who are passionate about the same weird stuff I am. But at the same time, it takes a whole lot of time to keep up with and I just don’t have that right now. I’ve got about 4 pictures on my camera of various meals I’ve made for myself in the past two weeks but not enough to come up with a decent post. I don’t want this blog to be lame.

So I’m going on a Hiatus. I’m hoping that by Thanksgiving I’ll have settled my stresses a bit, but we’ll see. I hope you guys understand. And by no means does this mean I’m going to be dead and gone from the blogging community!

I still read your posts everyday. It is my fun time, blogreading. Who needs TV? (Especially when the cable in our apartment doesn’t include Food Network. Still bitter.) I’ll still be commenting and tweeting and all that Jazz.

But, I think I’m going to change my twitter name for a bit. Get rid of the SweetlyFresh part so I don’t have to keep thinking about my recent failure as a blogger (sob).

I’ll still be here so don’t forget about me loves!

P.S. HAPPY FALL! Yay pumpkin and cinnamon and apples and squash…. I’m looking forward to attempting all of your posted fall creations. LOVE!


So I’ve got just enough time here to do an eenie-weenie post/update!

Later this afternoon I’ve got an interview at a hospital near campus! Woo! The position is in the food service department and involves both preparing meals, serving meals, and cleaning dishes. It is only 8 hours a week, so I’m hoping that IF I get this job, I’ll also be able to work a few hours at the campus job I hold right now. AHH We’ll see.

Part of me doesn’t know why the hell I’m applying for this job when I’m already stressed out of my mind. But then I remind myself that I neeeed this hospital experience. I do need to toss something off my plate though. I’m feeling rather stretched beyond my abilities. Man oh man. I’m going to give it a few weeks and see if my workload becomes more manageable, but I think I’m going to either have to give up this blog for a bit or give up one of my organizations. There just is not enough time in the day!

It’s been so hard to get adjusted to grocery shopping for myself. Way harder than I anticipated. For some reason, I just don’t seem to have enough funds to cover my grocery supplies as I thought. At home, I bought most of my stuff, but I usually didn’t have to buy the staple produce, spices, oils, baking stuff, utensils, etc. I’m trying to push myself to wait until Saturday to do my next grocery run, but produce is running lowwww and this girl needs her produce to get through the day.

Alright, so that was my eenie meenie update. I’m really trying to come up with some good posts for this blog but the time to post them just isn’t really there right now. Wish me luck, bloggie boos, that I can stick around for a while! (Oh, and wish me luck on my interview, too 😉 )

Happy Wednesday!!

Pinteresting Wednesday

So here’s something different for your Wednesday! As much as I love looking at all the WIAW posts, I have not been good with taking pictures of my daily eats. Right now, I’m at home (my parents’ house) anyway and I definitely forgot to bring my camera with me. More on this little vaycay in another post.


Voila, PINTERESTing Wednesday!

I love this idea.

I just happened to stumble across The Vintage Apple and I fell in love with it. Not a food blog, but definitely an inspiration blog up my alley.

If you’re not on Pinterest yet, do it! It’s my new favorite website, basically. Kind of like tumblr, only more organized. You “pin” things you find particularly lovely and categorize them into pinboards like “food” or “design”.

Source: None via Hannah on Pinterest

Source: tumblr.com via Hannah on Pinterest

And, I will leave you with a beautiful cover of one of my favorite song by one of my favorite singers.

Have a great Wednesday 🙂

How Now Brown Cow

Ooofta. Officially one week in to living the apartment life and I’m loving it. We still have a whole lot of cleaning to do, though, and I have yet to do my first load of laundry. Ha!

Guess who has brown hair now? This girl! It still feels so weird. I can’t find myself in pictures. Ahh.

I did manage to snap a few photos of the semi-clean parts of the place. So here they are.

My side of the bedroom. Do not be deceived, this is the most uncomfortable mattress in the world

The girlie nook

The bathroom I share with two of my roommates!

The trio of OralBs

The food/toilet paper/everything closet. Guess which bucket is mine?

Guys. I am so lucky. My university has a club that hands out fresh FREE produce every Friday. I’m in love. Last Friday I got myself some free kale, swiss chard, basil, purslane, red potatoes, summer squash, cucumber, carrots and sweet pepper. REDIC.

Unfortunately I forgot to go this Friday so I had to stop by the grocery store (again! this is getting insane) for some lettuce and broccoli slawwww.

Quinoa messes and salad beasts are becoming my meals of choice. They are so easy to prepare, basically tossing everything in a sautee pan of coconut oil and hoping everything cooks up. I’m loving all this produce. Yay for healthifying the roomies 😉

Protein Cereal bowls are my ultimate breakfast craving lately. Especially now that I have some drippy PB again. Yum. Nothing betta.

In this quinoa mess I believe is summer squash, onion, raisins and avocado.

Cooked salad beasty! Gorgeous Swiss Chard sauteed with Cooked purple and orange carrots, black beans, onion and Cajun seasoning.

Haha, once our kitchen and living room are a bit more “presentable” I will take some pictures. Or maybe even get some blog action going on. But honestly, right now it’s just one big party. School starts THIS Friday! What?!

Hello from the Apartment!

I’m officially unpacked and moved-in and it feels GOOD. We still need to do a lot of decorating magic to make the place feel more lived-in and less hotel-like, but it’s good to be rid of the boxes and know that now everything is in its place.

I just spent a good two minutes laughing at myself for how many good opportunities passed by me to take some great blog photos. Woops. Those will come soon.

Just wanted to check in and tell you that it’s going to take a little bit for me to get used to this whole situation! We’re still waiting for our last roommate to move in, and we’re not really working on a consistent schedule — far from it! Welcome week starts sooon and it’s basically going to be a nonstop partay partay. Woop Woop.

The last 5 transactions for my checking account have been at Grocery Stores. Our fridge is STOCKED. But ironically, I ran out of milk and yogurt and produce seems to be effervescent. Ohh how I yearn for my parents’ ever-stocked refrigerator of love.

Right now, I’m just incredibly stressing over these student organizations I’m an officer for. One of them is just starting this year and we’re struggling to get our name out and get official. It’s really draining already and I’m starting to regret being part of the start-up committee. I guess I’m just banking on it somehow working out and paying off in the long-run. I’m willing myself not to procrastinate but the mountain of work that needs to be done in such a short period of time is overwhelming. I need HELP.

I promise that the next post will be more interesting, I just have to get my shiiat together and prioritize my stresses. Boom boom boom, before you know it I’ll be worrying about exams too.


Have you guys had experience with trying to organize a group from the ground-up? What worked and what didn’t work for you?

What do you guys want to see from me? Apartment tour? College student grocery list? Roommate post? Let me know!